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The LD theme was "Small World", and as our team spent some time thinking about how we could incorporate that, we toyed around with the idea having a world with limited horizontal movement but with enormous vertical potential. Then we were reminded that one of our friends would always say: "keep lookin' up", and that gave birth to this game. The idea of this game is that an old villager and his grand-children were bored of their small world, until a wandering traveler gave them a new perspective.

Much of the game is still unfinished; we were unable to really flush out the plot and we opted more for the mechanics/assets side stuff instead. Even so, we're really proud of our submission, as it is our first game ever and our first game jam ever :).

We plan on developing this game further, so stay tuned and feel free to leave feedback!

Some game mechanic explanations:

Space: Jump
- The longer you hold space bar, the higher you jump.
- You cannot jump out of a ground attack or if you're airborne.

A: Attack (Aerial or Ground).
- Aerial attacks are quicker, but weaker and less range.
They can be canceled upon landing.
- Ground attacks are slower, but much stronger and greater range.
You are completely immobile during the ground attack.

D: Horizontal Dash
- Dash to the direction that you're facing/moving.
- Dash cancels attack animation, allowing for trickier attacks.
- Can be chained with Vertical Dash and Attack.
- Consumes mana.

E: Vertical Dash
- Dash upward.
- Dash cancels attack animation, allowing for trickier attacks.
- Can be chained with Horizontal Dash and Attack.
- Consumes mana.

Command + Q: Quit the game.


Edit: Windows download is now working! Forgot to include the data folder, apologies!

Install instructions

If you get error 126, you may need to reinstall/repair your Visual C++.

32-bit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/confirmat...

64-bit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/confirmat...

When you download the .zip, you need to invoke 'chmod +x Keep Lookin Up Linux.x86' in order to run it.

Run it using ./Keep Lookin Up Linux.x86

Keep in mind that this is a 32 bit game, so you may need to install 32-bit versions of libxcursor, libxrandr, etc.


Keep Lookin Up.app.zip 15 MB
Keep Lookin Up.zip 11 MB
Keep Lookin Up Linux.zip 15 MB

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